Anything's possible with better strategy

We help you decide what to do, and what not to do, with your digital products and services.
We provide independent advice at the outset of your digital project to help you quickly explore options, define scope, build support and find the right direction.
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Better strategy produces better results

We create strategies for digital products and services.

We provide independent advice at the outset of your digital project to help you quickly explore options, define scope, build support and find the right direction.

We can help you answer:

What should we do with our website?


It can be hard to choose between making your existing website better, or creating a new one. There are pros and cons for both. We help you define what matters to your organisation and your customers, then assess how your current website is performing. We first focus on ‘why’ you might need to change, not what that change might be. Our independence ensures our recommendations have your organisation's best interests at heart.

How do we align digital to our business strategy?


It’s tempting to add more digital products and services, but that doesn’t necessarily solve the real problems, or take advantage of the real opportunities. Often it creates confusion and overhead. Sometimes doing less is better. We start by deeply understanding your purpose and strategy, then looking at your digital channels. For some clients our recommendations to stop or change activities have saved them considerable time and effort, as well as reducing risk.

How could we improve our customer experience?


Understanding your audiences, how they engage with you, and what they value is at the heart of good digital strategy. We can help you gather research and insights to inform your digital decisions. A good experience is one that your customers value. The right experience is one that delivers value to both your customers and your organisation. Our strategies are based on this intersection between your audiences and your organisation.

Where should we invest with digital?


Every organisation has limited resources. Being confident about where to invest in digital requires a strategy that sets out how your digital activities will support your organisation, as well as where the risks and opportunities are. The key is to invest with purpose: to seek proof that your investments will actually make a difference. We can help you develop the strategy, assess the risks and validate that the strategy will work.

When should we approach a technology partner?


Successful digital projects start with people, not with technology. You will deliver better results if you develop an independent strategy that sets out why and what you are trying to achieve before you approach technology companies. It’s common for the strategy process to reveal a better direction than if you had started with a technology company – this is because it’s hard for technology companies to see options other than the ones they provide. We can help you with developing the strategy and procuring the appropriate partners when needed.

Could we use digital to do something new?


This is one of our favourite questions – what if digital enabled you to think differently about what you do, or to tackle a problem in a new way? What do changing technologies, customer expectations and markets mean for your business? We start by understanding your core purpose and the problem and opportunity spaces, we then help you explore a range of new customer experiences that create value for your organisation.

Do you have a question for us?


Better strategy makes you a better ‘client'

When it comes time to design and build your new product or service, having a clear strategy will make you a dream client for your technology partners. You’ll help them deliver the right thing, on time and on budget.
Reduce risk and cost
We don’t make money from designing and building digital products. Our advice is independent and focusses on what really matters to your business. For one client, our advice halved the cost of their website project. For another, our strategic thinking revealed that the best thing to do was to change their products, not their website.
Communicate clearly
We work visually so that everyone can see the plan. This lets you create a clear vision and roadmap that enables you to communicate to stakeholders, develop effective briefs, and approach technology companies with confidence.
Build alignment
Our collaborative workshops and stakeholder engagement creates opportunities for your team to add meaningful input and insight, building invaluable alignment behind the project.

How we work

We start by understanding your situation and thinking deeply about how a digital product or service could best support your organisation’s strategy. We explore what it should do, what the scope would be, who your audiences are and what experience you want them to have. 

We collaborate closely with your team through fun, fast and thought-provoking workshops. From the workshops we create visuals and prototypes to capture the vision and test concepts with your team and your customers. This process informs what technology approach you should take, and how you might resource and manage the project. 

We tie all this work together into a visual ‘future state’ document and roadmap. The visual nature of our work reduces confusion, jargon and risk because it's much easier to know what to do when you can see it.

This is what we call digital strategy. We know that projects that start with this type of digital strategy produce much better results.
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“Diagram’s process helps us be good clients - we design the strategy, and the vendor can focus on delivering against it instead of trying to figure out what we want!”
Liam Sutton, Commercialisation Manager, Wellington UniVentures
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“Talking to Diagram at the outset of your project is a must. Their independence and expertise always guides our digital projects to success."
Ingrid Strange, Account Manager, mysuper, ACC
“Thank you for all your help, support, smoothing of waters and brilliance – we truly could not have got to where we are without you."
Tracey Kai, General Manager Communications, New Zealand Rugby
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“We needed to understand whether to redesign a new website from scratch, or refine the existing one. It made sense to engage Diagram to help us answer this because they provide neutral and trusted advice.”
Elaina Hamilton, Creative Lead, Powershop
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“Diagram’s advice has been invaluable in terms of building alignment behind what we're trying to achieve, and in helping us approach the market to find the right partner for our digital project”
Steve Doughty, Marketing and Communications Manager, Fish and Game New Zealand


Our clients start every project with a question.

Our clients

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Our clients

Our clients start every project with a question.

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“In addition to being super skilled at what you do, you also make it fun which I totally appreciate."

Sebastian Grodd, Life Flight

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If you're wondering what to do with your digital products and services, we can help. It doesn't cost anything to ask, so drop us a line, we love sharing our thoughts and advice. Often our initial advice is all you need to head in the right direction.
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